Why Should You Get Images for Commercial Use from Adobe Stock

Are you looking for a stock agency to purchase images for commercial from? There are a lot of choices in the market. Each with an upside over the other. But if you prefer a seamless workflow with your Adobe editing software application, there is only one stock site you should buy your images from – Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock is Adobe’s very own stock photo website. It is deeply integrated with Creative Cloud platforms, such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The agency offers premium stock images complete with royalty free license. You can purchase images with a standard license for use in any project, forever. If you are looking to use the images for commercial use with unlimited print runs and use them on merchandise for resale, an extended license is also available at the website.  Find more here.

Out of the several stock agencies, what makes Adobe Stock the best source for buying images for commercial use?

  • Large Library. When Adobe Stock launched in 2014, they acquired Fotolia that filled their collection with 40 million high quality images. Over time, the stock site added stock images of their own from artists around the world. Now, they have over 80 million premium images for commercial use. You can find the most inspiring photos from their concept collection, featured contributors and editor’s choice. Check out here.
  • Simple Pricing. Adobe Stock features some of the best pricing and plans in the market. You can purchase stock photos for commercial use through credits and subscription plans. Their Enhanced License, on the other hand, costs $79.99 per image, which you pay as you go. It is a very simple and straightforward buying system that allows you to buy as many images for commercial use as you need, anytime.
  • Creative Cloud Integration. Adobe Stock is the only stock photo site integrated with the popular editing software from Adobe. This allows users of Photoshop, InDeign, Adobe Illustrator and other CC desktop apps to preview images inside their designs first. You can license, access and manage photos for commercial use directly, saving you some valuable time and energy.
  • Extended License. In addition to the standard royalty free license, Adobe Stock also offers extended license to creatives around the world. It allows you to use the images on merchandise for resale and print copies of over 500,000. The print run limit does not apply on websites, social media and mobile applications. If you wish to do a large print run and use the images on products for resale, you should buy images for commercial use with an extended license.

Take note that the extended license is not available in subscription plans. They can only be purchased on demand, where you pay as you go. If you don’t know where to purchase images for commercial use but you are using a Creative Cloud software, we suggest you check Adobe Stock. The stock photo agency offers premium quality images at reasonable prices. Plus, its integration with your preferred editing software can streamline your workflow, helping you save more time and energy from reworks.

Free Vectors from Two Amazing Places

Finding high quality vectors can be a challenge nowadays. Not all websites offer premium quality vector arts that are compatible with your editing software. Some even offer corrupt and broken files. You need to be vigilant. Consider various factors before you spend your money. Fortunately, there are two amazing places to get your vectors from – Vectorain and VectorFresh.


  • Vectorain
    Vectorain is a new site that offers free vectors. Created by stock photo and vector expert, Amos Struck, it features 4,000 premium quality content that are originally for sale. Now, they are available exclusively in the website and you can’t find them anywhere else. At Vectorain, you don’t have to worry about corrupt and broken files. There are no pop ups, advertisement and other undesirable content.

 All files at the website are hand-checked for quality and are available in EPS format. You can alter and modify them with any vector editing software. They are hosted locally, too. You don’t have to worry about being redirected to other websites. Furthermore, the site have integrated searches and categories to help you find what you are looking for fast.

  • VectorFresh
    Vectorain partners with VectorFresh to give you premium quality content. It added content from the latter to compliment your personalized searches and offer a wider variety of content. VectorFresh allows you to download any vector graphic of your choice. It gives you access to a hand-curated library of over 1 million vectors. Over 10,000 are added every month as well. It also features a fully integrated search with keywords and tagging.

At Vectorain, you can find free vectors from the website itself and its partner sites. It has been built as a way of giving back to the creative community. That’s why all vectors are completely free of charge. What’s the catch? Nothing, you just have to give attribution or credit to the website through links.

Buying Images Online with 99 Club

99 Club is a stock a photo stock agency that offers high resolution images, vectors and fonts. For only $99, you can buy images online and enjoy them forever. All images come with a free-royalty license get here.

99 Club offers over 200 downloads for you to use. Millions of stock images are available for you to search. It has lively lifestyle portraits of expertly perceived concepts just for you. All images are all for your satisfaction. With artistic styles and full spectrum complexity, it offers one of the best vector graphic collection on the web.

All images are available in fully editable format and can be tailored to meet your satisfaction and creative brief, without any loss of the quality of the image. 99 Club is constantly updating the collection of their creative images from all over the world.

When buying images online with 99 Club, you can choose sizes up to XXL. You can also print at A3 size with 300dpi to 72dpi. Once you sign up a membership, it will be as last as long as you wish. There is no auto renewal. If you purchase a monthly subscription, you can enjoy 200 XXL images that you can download anytime. You can also download images all from JPEG sizes, fonts and vector images.

High resolution credits known as bundle are also available in the stock site here. You can download images over period of 12 months. If you plan to get there low volume subscription, you can still enjoy 50 images per month.

99 Club accepts almost all payment types like credit/debit card, money order or cash, bank transfer/draft, postal. On the other hand, it will take 14 days to clear for the use of personal cheque of over $1,000 and business cheque. Clients who are paying ‘invoice’ will have to take 30 days to settle their accounts. There will be changes on prices because of currency fluctuation, and subject to change without notice.



Introducing the Adobe Stock Images Premium Collection

Although launched by the famous Adobe, Adobe Stock is fairly new to the industry, read review here. It has been only a little over a year ago since the stock site was introduced to the market, but it has now one of the largest libraries available. Starting with over 40 million images from the stock agency Fotolia, the stock site has added over 10 million of premium images (plus videos).

Adobe Stock images in the premium collection are divided into three categories:

  • Editor’s Choice. These images are highlighted selections from the stock site’s curators. Adobe Stock chooses two of the best images from its premium collection that you can use to jumpstart or complete your creative projects. With this selection, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality.
  • Concept Collections. The concept collections are thematic galleries for inspirational storytelling. The stock site features nine of the best images that tell a story from the premium collection. If you are looking for images to enhance your message or tell your story, this is the best place to find them.
  • Featured Contributors. In the Featured Contributors, you will find images from the portfolios of Premium artists. Adobe Stock features up to eight images from its best artists and contributors. If you are looking for unique images with great quality, this is the option for you.

The Stock photos from the premium collection are hand-picked from the stock site’s most inspiring artists. It include images that make a singular impression.

In Adobe Stock, you can purchase images ­a la carte or via subscriptions. Single image pricing starts at $9.99, while subscription plans start with 10 images per month. For larger creative needs, the 350 and 750 annual plans are also available. All images and plans come with a standard royalty-free license, so you can enjoy perpetual usage rights. Whatever your budget and creative needs are, you will find various purchase options from the stock site.

iStock Review: Is it a Good Source of Stock Media?

If you are a blogger, web designer or small business owner, you are probably looking for a cheap source of stock media in the market. There are lot of stock sites to choose from actually, but is one of them worth your time and money really? Today, we will talk about one of the more popular stock media banks in the industry – iStock. We hope this iStock review will help you come into a decision whether to purchase your creative needs from the website or not.

About iStock

iStock is one of the leading stock content marketplaces in the world. It offers millions of hand-picked premium images and footages from thousands of contributors around the world. They are available at ridiculously low prices, too. The stock media agency was founded in 2000 and has given artists and photographers a platform to make money since then. It was acquired by Getty Images and has continued to be a key destination for creative professionals.


iStock offers stock photos and royalty-free images. It features 32 categories that you can explore to find the perfect images for your creative projects. Currently, the stock site has millions of high quality images, graphics and illustrations, waiting to be discovered. It has a user-friendly search tool that you can use to find what you are looking for. Just type in the relevant keywords to see the results.


Aside from images and illustrations, iStock also offers footages. You can browse through royalty free, HD video, B-roll and stock footage from its collection of curated video clips. It has 21 categories for footages, waiting to be discovered. All non-exclusive media is contained in the Essentials collection, which you can download for 6 credits. Exclusive media are in Signature collection priced at 18 credits each.


Another stock asset available in the stock site is audio clips. However, the collection is not available in the website anymore. It has moved to a new home at Getty Images Music. If you want to get a better and more comprehensive collection to choose from, Getty has a one stop shop that combines unparalleled quality with unbelievable prices.

iStock Review: The Breakdown

So, it iStock a good source of stock media? It definitely is. If you are looking for high quality content at ridiculously low prices, you have come to the right place. iStock features curated videos and hand-picked images that will surely add value to your creative projects. It has a very convenient pricing system that represents affordable prices, great flexibility in licensing terms, and easy to use search bar. It also has a trust-stamp as being owned and managed by the world’s leading stock media agency – Getty Images. If you’re ready to buy stock footage from the website, here’s an iStock coupon code to save you 15% off credit packs and 12% off subscriptions.   

Spice Up your Film with Cheap Stock Video Footage

Although shooting your own video has its own merits, it never hurts to add a little extra to spice up your film. Millions of fascination cheap stock video footage are waiting to be explored in various stock media libraries. Of course, you cannot just use these clips to any project without considering what is included in the license agreement. Keep in mind that using stock footage without permission from the owner is a violation of the copyright law. That’s why we discourage downloading free footage from search engines.


Royalty free cheap stock video footage does not mean free to use. There is a one-time flat fee you need to pay for to acquire the right license that allows you to use the image in any project for as long as you like. Don’t worry the price of a stock footage is far lower than the cost of conducting your own video shoot. Most of all, it takes a lot less time to download. You do not have to worry about travel time and travel costs, unlike producing your own video.

Most stock media agencies make their content available for immediate download. You can purchase cheap stock video footage via credits, which is considered as the stock sites’ currency. Prices usually vary according to file format and quality. Video clips at 2K and 4K are more expensive than their SD and HD counterparts. The cheapest is footage for web purposes. When looking for stock footage to purchase and download, make sure that the format and quality matches the rest of you videos.

Free versus Cheap

If you are looking to spice up your film with stock footage, we recommend getting cheap stock video footage over free video clips. Cheap stock footage comes with the necessary licenses and releases that allow you to use the clip for your purposes as stipulated in the agreement. For a one-time flat fee, you can be sure that no copyright police will be chasing your back. On the other hand, free video clips found in search engines may not have the license and release from models and property. They also do not provide legal guarantee that will protect you when the need arises.

Using cheap stock video footage has a number of benefits. It saves you time and money. You do not have to spend time and money for travel, equipment and talent. It ensures quality. Most stock footage are created with quality equipment, which means you are definitely getting what you pay for. Most of all, stock footage includes the necessary model and property releases, and license to use them. You don’t need to keep checking your back for copyright issues anymore because these clips come with a legal guarantee.

Explore Beautiful Photos with a Bigstock Promo Code

bigstock600 Many creative professionals and agencies love BigStock because of the many benefits it offers. It provides bloggers, web designers and business people with the opportunity to explore an amazing collection, re-download for free, enjoy easy and upfront pricing, and work with a super support team. It is also creates a great environment for talented photographers and artists all around the world. In a word, the stock site is one of the best agencies in the market.

Stock Photo Collection

BigStock has a vast photo collection of images that come from all around the world. Its library grows every week, with over 75,000 new images added. With a huge number of stock photos, you every creative professionals will surely find what they are looking for. Searching for images is not a problem with the stock site either. There is a search bar for easy and fast image searches. There are also top categories and trending categories one can browse through.

BigStock Pricing and Plans

Compared to other stock sites, BigStock has a smaller collection of images. But, it offers more options for pricing and plans. The stock photo agency has image and video plans for every budget. The most popular includes 150 images per month. The best value for money has 300 images per month. And, the plan with more flexibility has no daily limit. Creative professionals can choose whichever suit their creative needs.

BigStock 7 Day Free Trial


Currently, the stock photo website offers new customers the opportunity to try BigStock for FREE. Anyone can create an account to enjoy the free trial and explore the website. They can decide whether it meets their needs and budget. To download images without committing to a plan or purchasing a larger credit pack, they can buy a 25 image credit pack. This also entitles them to 10 more credits free of charge. Typically, one credit equals to one image.

BigStockPhoto Promo Code

Bloggers, web designers and businesspersons can also subscribe to a plan or purchase a credit pack whenever they are ready. They can also enjoy great discounts with a BigStockPhoto promo code. Up to 15% of discounts are included with every coupon. Valid until December 31, 2016, creative professionals should get these promo codes now to avail the discounts. These promo codes allow them to explore the stock site at a cut price.

There are many things that make BigStock a great stock photo agency, but these four certainly tops all of them. It may not have a collection as huge as other stock photo sites, but it has pricing and plans that surely meet every creative need and budget. Their valuable offers – BigStockPhoto promo code and 7 Day Free Trial – also make it a stock site worthy of time and money.

Some Useful Tips on Shutterstock Promo

Shutterstock_2012_logo Shutterstock has been offering bloggers, web designers, businesspersons and other creative professionals with premium quality assets for years now. It has great contributors, a very wide library, and incredible pricing. This year, we are offering a new and exclusive Shutterstock promo to our avid readers. We are very happy to offer them 15% off on all image subscriptions and 10% off on all footage products.

When it comes to redeeming your coupon for Shutterstock, here are a few things you should remember:

  • Our Shutterstock coupon code gives you 15% off on image subscriptions. This means you can choose whichever image plan suits your creative needs and budget, and you will still be eligible for the discount.
  • The yearly subscriptions offer the best value for your money. We recommend the yearly subscriptions if you want to get the best value for your money. You can choose between 350 images or 750 images, whichever fits your needs and budget.
  • Create a Shutterstock account. Our Shutterstock promo code requires an account. If you do not have one yet, be sure to create one. You can make a free browse account which is free of charge and only takes a few minutes to make.
  • Shutterstock accepts almost all types of payment. Whether you are using Visa, MasterCard, American Express JCB or Discover, the stock photo website accepts almost all payment types.
  • The Shutterstock standard license has many advantages over other stock sites’. All images in the stock photo agency’s library include a standard license, which allows you to download and use the image in any creative project for as long as you like.
  • Copy the Shutterstock coupon code before you click “Redeem Here”. When you redeem our promo, you will be asked to enter the promo code. Be sure to copy our code before you redeem to proceed smoothly.
  • Get your Shutterstock coupons from Stock Photo Secrets. Many websites claim to offer Shutterstock coupon codes. Sadly, not all of them offer valid and active codes. Some are only scam sites that are trying to squeeze money out of you. If you wish to get active and valid coupon codes, get them from Stock Photo Secrets only. We have a lasting business relationship with Shutterstock, so you can be sure that we provide useable coupons.

Our new and exclusive coupons for Shutterstock can help you save 15% on all image subscriptions and 10% on all footage products.

Use Adobe Stock Photos to Create Awesome Projects!


Do you have a project for work or school that you just know would be better if it included some cool and attention-grabbing images? When you are on a deadline and don’t have time to hunt through the Internet for the perfect image, do not simply give up. Instead, turn to Adobe Stock photos to help make your project perfect.

Why Adobe Stock photos?

Adobe Stock is the place to go when you need images to complete your project. It is the home of millions of high-quality images and videos that are curated by Adobe. Not only are the images of the highest quality, but they are also Royalty-free. So you do not need to worry about any additional charges being tacked on.

Payment options

Adobe Stock has two great payment options to suit your needs. If you know you will need lots of images and videos, you can choose a subscription plan that meets what you need. Prices are based on the number of images you need each month. If you are only in need of a small number of images, you can opt to pay per use as well.

Easy to use


Adobe Stock is also easy to use. Even though there are millions of images from which to choose, you can easily search for the image you need.  Simply type the name of an image you want to search for and click on the magnifying glass. As you type in the text box, the system automatically generates more specific options from which you can choose if you desire. Instantaneously, images that meet your search requirements will appear. Before you know it, your project will have the best possible images that will give it the polished look you need.

Adobe Stock is built into your favorite Adobe apps.

If retrieving images from Adobe Stock is not easy enough, the service is built into your favorite Adobe apps, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC. So, you can search for and access great Adobe Stock photos right from your favorite mobile device.

Adobe Stock is the new wave in choosing photos, videos, illustrations, and vectors. Whether you need just one image for one project or are looking for an endless amount of images, Adobe Stock has you covered. Try Adobe Stock for Free – there is no better way to add the right images to every project you have.

Shutterstock Free Downloads are More Than Photos

Shutterstock-LogoWhen most companies offer “free” promotional material, there’s a big catch involved.  But that’s not the case for Shutterstock free content (read the Shutterstock review here).  The stock photography giant has long offered some great material through their Shutterstock free downloads program, but what many Shutterstock fans don’t realize is that there is a lot more free content available from the vendor than just free images.  Here’s a look at some of the things you can download from Shutterstock, absolutely free.

Free Images of The Week

Every week, Shutterstock releases one high-quality image from their library for free download.  All of the Shutterstock free download images that the vendor posts are “royalty free,” and available for all commercial uses.  You can download and use the Shutterstock free image of the week just like you would any other image from their site, the only difference is it won’t cost you a penny.

Shutterstock Free Vectors

Aside from just basic stock images, every week the company posts a free vector file for commercial use as well.  Some users may not be familiar with vectors, but they can be used in all of the same ways that free image downloads can.  The biggest difference is that vectors don’t lose any definition quality as they are magnified, and they can be easily stretched and enlarged for aesthetic reasons without producing pixelation.

More Free Shutterstock Content

More Free Shutterstock Content

Free vectors and free images are great, but Shutterstock has some other great freebies that you can download as well to get even more out of the site without paying.  First, there are Shutterstock free trial accounts, which you can sign up for to browse the vendor’s library without making any purchases.  Between the Shutterstock free trial browsing feature and their free image and vector downloads, it’s easy to explore the site’s potential without wasting your budget.

Second, Shutterstock now offers a revolutionary free image editor, which you can use to transform Shutterstock images for your marketing purposes.  This image editor is only in the Beta phase currently, but it is still a great free feature to take advantage of.

Truly Free Content

shutterstock free content

From images and vectors to free trials and image editors, Shutterstock has a lot of free content to offer their fans.  Unlike some other companies out there, all of Shutterstock’s “free” promotional material is really free, and there aren’t any strings.  So go and check out the site’s free content today, and see if Shutterstock is the right stock photo vendor for your needs.