Although shooting your own video has its own merits, it never hurts to add a little extra to spice up your film. Millions of fascination cheap stock video footage are waiting to be explored in various stock media libraries. Of course, you cannot just use these clips to any project without considering what is included in the license agreement. Keep in mind that using stock footage without permission from the owner is a violation of the copyright law. That’s why we discourage downloading free footage from search engines.


Royalty free cheap stock video footage does not mean free to use. There is a one-time flat fee you need to pay for to acquire the right license that allows you to use the image in any project for as long as you like. Don’t worry the price of a stock footage is far lower than the cost of conducting your own video shoot. Most of all, it takes a lot less time to download. You do not have to worry about travel time and travel costs, unlike producing your own video.

Most stock media agencies make their content available for immediate download. You can purchase cheap stock video footage via credits, which is considered as the stock sites’ currency. Prices usually vary according to file format and quality. Video clips at 2K and 4K are more expensive than their SD and HD counterparts. The cheapest is footage for web purposes. When looking for stock footage to purchase and download, make sure that the format and quality matches the rest of you videos.

Free versus Cheap

If you are looking to spice up your film with stock footage, we recommend getting cheap stock video footage over free video clips. Cheap stock footage comes with the necessary licenses and releases that allow you to use the clip for your purposes as stipulated in the agreement. For a one-time flat fee, you can be sure that no copyright police will be chasing your back. On the other hand, free video clips found in search engines may not have the license and release from models and property. They also do not provide legal guarantee that will protect you when the need arises.

Using cheap stock video footage has a number of benefits. It saves you time and money. You do not have to spend time and money for travel, equipment and talent. It ensures quality. Most stock footage are created with quality equipment, which means you are definitely getting what you pay for. Most of all, stock footage includes the necessary model and property releases, and license to use them. You don’t need to keep checking your back for copyright issues anymore because these clips come with a legal guarantee.