Why Should You Get Images for Commercial Use from Adobe Stock

Are you looking for a stock agency to purchase images for commercial from? There are a lot of choices in the market. Each with an upside over the other. But if you prefer a seamless workflow with your Adobe editing software application, there is only one stock site you should buy your images from – Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock is Adobe’s very own stock photo website. It is deeply integrated with Creative Cloud platforms, such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The agency offers premium stock images complete with royalty free license. You can purchase images with a standard license for use in any project, forever. If you are looking to use the images for commercial use with unlimited print runs and use them on merchandise for resale, an extended license is also available at the website.  Find more here.

Out of the several stock agencies, what makes Adobe Stock the best source for buying images for commercial use?

  • Large Library. When Adobe Stock launched in 2014, they acquired Fotolia that filled their collection with 40 million high quality images. Over time, the stock site added stock images of their own from artists around the world. Now, they have over 80 million premium images for commercial use. You can find the most inspiring photos from their concept collection, featured contributors and editor’s choice. Check out here.
  • Simple Pricing. Adobe Stock features some of the best pricing and plans in the market. You can purchase stock photos for commercial use through credits and subscription plans. Their Enhanced License, on the other hand, costs $79.99 per image, which you pay as you go. It is a very simple and straightforward buying system that allows you to buy as many images for commercial use as you need, anytime.
  • Creative Cloud Integration. Adobe Stock is the only stock photo site integrated with the popular editing software from Adobe. This allows users of Photoshop, InDeign, Adobe Illustrator and other CC desktop apps to preview images inside their designs first. You can license, access and manage photos for commercial use directly, saving you some valuable time and energy.
  • Extended License. In addition to the standard royalty free license, Adobe Stock also offers extended license to creatives around the world. It allows you to use the images on merchandise for resale and print copies of over 500,000. The print run limit does not apply on websites, social media and mobile applications. If you wish to do a large print run and use the images on products for resale, you should buy images for commercial use with an extended license.

Take note that the extended license is not available in subscription plans. They can only be purchased on demand, where you pay as you go. If you don’t know where to purchase images for commercial use but you are using a Creative Cloud software, we suggest you check Adobe Stock. The stock photo agency offers premium quality images at reasonable prices. Plus, its integration with your preferred editing software can streamline your workflow, helping you save more time and energy from reworks.

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